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Cristalab is now officially powered by MSN Live

UPDATE: Cristalab re-comprada por Freddie®

Greetings beloved Cristalab community,

I've certainly looked forward to this opportunity to talk with you all about how CL Cristalab, one of Hispanic most loved developer community is now part of MSN® and Microsoft®. I call this as the prime time of a new age in media free support community.

I want to thank Freddie Vega for doing this possible without any troubles at all.

He and I have a lot in common, we're both optimists, and we're both very excited about the potential that you and your countries represent. And we're both, in our own ways, working on some of the challenging issues, including new media technologies, that will unlock more of that potential.

Let me talk first a little bit about how technology is changing, and then map that into some of the opportunities for the hispanic countries here. I love technology. It's the part of the world that's changing most rapidly. One way that you can see that is to think about the power of the computer. The computer when I was young was very limited, and only governments and large companies could afford them. People were actually afraid of what the computer might do to them. In fact, people talked about when you got a punch card in the mail that you might bend it or staple it, and somehow mess up this computer that was not working on your behalf.

The cost of hardware has been eliminated as a factor for government applications. It is so inexpensive, it will never hold you back. Likewise, the cost of software, because we're able to sell it on millions of machines, we and other people that build software can do that at a far lower cost per unit than ever before. And yet, because of the high volume, Microsoft has the highest research and development budget of any company in the world. That's why, we are looking to invest in online free communities like Cristalab. Freddie and I share an idea, an idea that software will continue to surprise people.

Cristalab powered by MSN®, makes the world a smaller place, and so particularly for people who are not in the rich world urban centers, this community can be revolutionary. Not just in reaching educational material, but in terms of finding the latest techniques, Online Communities like Cristalab, makes the world really quite a small place once we have it available.

Forums and blogs have been an important part of new media education and news management, in a number of countries. Microsoft did investments in Chile and Mexico, and now looking at how we can do that here in Cristalab, which reaches more than 10 countries including European ones. We have many partners in these countries. In fact, as we go into a country our goal is to create jobs by having local companies take on the special work, the e-government work, the support work, and to develop a reputation to participate in the world market.

In the future, your salary will not be determined by where you work, but rather will be determined by what education you've had. So if you've had a good education, if you have a skill set you'll be able to offer that independent of where you are.

To make that fully come true, obviously, the infrastructure has to be in place, but it will come true, and so it highlights something that's come out in my discussion with every one of you, which is the investment in education. I'm sure you saw that was a big theme of this new union. It's not something that changes things overnight, but a very key area.

One of the partners that we're pleased to work with, it is Cristalab. Here education is the top priority. For many of you that means having at least one great Tutorials' Library and Forum, where you get the software skills that will bootstrap your country to take full advantage of new opportunities.

Many of you know that I also have the commitment through the work with the foundation to make sure that health issues, and other economic issues, aren't holding things back. That, along with my Microsoft commitment, will bring me back to Africa again and again to see where we can partner, and see where we can help. I want to make possible to have Cristalab fully translated into English. I want Cristalab to be a main "union point" of free help in all of the African countries. But, I hope you get a strong sense of the incredible optimism that I have for the work you're doing now, and the commitment that I have personally, and that Microsoft has and it's been a very exciting event, a real milestone in the development we all know can take place.

Thank you.

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